I began my life’s work Jan 8, 1973 in the field of mind-body therapies: Everything from Primal Therapy to Gestalt Therapy, Encounter groups of the day and many forms of experiential learning which finally led to a long career in massage and bodywork. That was the path I settled on, finding I had a natural ability to reach people and ease the restrictions that life recorded in their bodies, in their minds and in their attitudes.


Now, as an entrepreneur living in the USA, I love sharing knowledge and helping others on the topics of Personal Development, Internet Marketing and Graphic Design, which all curiously weave together into a common purpose. However, your interests may not include all of those topics so I will strive to compartmentalize to specific topics so you don’t have to hunt for what truly interests you.

I am passionate about helping others having been involved in the Healing Arts most of my adult life and I set the intention of offering products and services of value, things I use and get benefit from myself, and to over-deliver beyond base expectations.

So this blog will be a bit of a clearing house for all kinds of things that strike me as interesting and may not always be aligned with any one particular topic. But I will provide links where appropriate to lend greater knowledge and information, and offers, pertinent to that post’s message.

I believe that knowledge is power and that everyone should improve themselves and/or their business in all stages of their life. Whether it is to develop a better mindset or to increase income providing greater choices in life, the key is to always keep moving forward.

If you do pursue some of the topics and opportunities presented herein I sincerely wish for you benefits and inspiration to grow in all aspects of your life.