It is time 240_f_125486303_beipq676vugwh63xj9mzw7ikpmtswt8xto assess where I am at in this process of creating a blog which has the aim of “Making Money Online,”  a virtual business that will consume my interest and provide compensation to eliminate the need to work outside of this business.

The background structure of this enterprise is daunting. It seems also to be chameleon-like, given a nature to always be in flux, changing and moving in directions requiring choices that are seemingly never obvious. That is to say, choose a direction, any direction, and it has equal chance of succeeding no matter what I decide.

So the heart of the matter, it would seem, is indeed the heart. To create a living organism that needs feeding regularly, that needs to grow and change and have an appetite to live.

Once the framework is in place i.e. website, social media, news feeds, network, the online presence, then it becomes strikingly clear the identity needs to be established: The Niche! What is this sight about? After all, we don’t want it to appear to be a wandering lunatic without purpose or direction.

So what I have hit on in my understanding is that a successful online business must be a sort of living creation. It breathes and thinks and acts and stumbles and is actually quite human…an entity unto its own.

I have been posting the process of getting the sight set up and even delving into establishing possible identities, Niches, that would come to define the sight. I have come to wonder if there is room for sub-sites to branch off and not draw away from the main theme. It is, after all, a business which requires marketing. So to what extent does it serve the promotion of marketing without being about marketing?

My reading reveals I should include a mix of products and information that I sell. I should also generate products, I imagine digital, as well. But of course there is the entertain factor too, or the interpersonal interactive social being that gets down and homey with frank discussion and wonder. So here I am at the next and most vital step; that of choosing a Niche.

More to come…

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