You cannot ignore the power of Facebook ads when you consider more than one billion people are active on Facebook, and someone in that number is a potential customer for you. There are regular reports of some product on Facebook that went viral, all from a small $5 investment to put up ads that resulted in overnight wealth from the timely and effective ad placement on Facebook.

Many attempts have been made to duplicate those illusive results by shooting blindly in the dark and most often missing the mark realizing little success for the expense and effort. Through trial and error we try to solve the puzzle of FB ads. We may even try to copy what someone else had done with great success only to feel the rejection and disappointment of fizzling out and wondering what we did wrong.

Some success keys have been revealed though:

1.  It should be visual, appealing and eye-catching.
2.  It should be relevant to the target audience
3.  It should have a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that stands out and educates
4.  It should have a clear Call To Action (CTA) inducing the customer to click on the ad

These are consistent givens, but to have success there are two more critical factors:

1.  How great is the design of your ad? Does it get viewer attention and create desire for the product
2.  How focused is your targeting? Does it “land” for the people who view your ads

Tips For Creating Effective Ad Designs:

⁃    Customer Profile: Different customers have different pain points and therefore different needs. It is standard practice to segment customers based on sex, age, occupation…obvious indicators. But we must delve deeper into coming up with customer profiles to create ads around that profile. For example, if you have a make money offer (MMO) you want to promote and your target market is anyone interested in MMO, that is too broad of a definition. Digging deeper you will come up with a frustrated employee struggling to make ends meet and desperate to get out of his 9 to 5 job. Or you have a young newbie just trying to learn just how does anyone make money on the internet. Then again, you may market to an established business person who realizes to stay in the game he must become visible to a grander degree on the internet. All three examples are motivated to make more money, but their reasons and needs differ and you have to sculpt your message to hit home with them individually. Thus you must have a different UVP for each and design a different ad for each.

⁃    No Hype: Be credible in your message. Don’t promise instant riches and success without substance to back it up through big outdated headlines like “Make $5000 per day working only 20 minutes a day.” Make your offer sound credible, something that sounds like it will work, like it is believable.

⁃    Show Proof: Making something sound credible, as discussed above, can be done effectively through the medium of ‘social proof.’ A popular swipe in marketing IM products is to inform the prospect that a product has won the product of the day in some affiliate network. Or if a product has sold well, we could say several thousand people downloaded it which conveys it must be a good product. Such proofs allay the fear of the prospect that it could be a scam or a bad product…after all, it did win awards and sold many copies. The power of social proof can sway a customer to hit that buy button. Another example of social proof would be testimonials of known Internet Marketers who are respected in the industry.

⁃    Show The Right Image: The images you show in your FB Ad should get the attention of your prospect. However, though you want your prospects’ attention, you don’t necessarily want the attention of Facebook for the wrong reasons, i.e. images that are too strong or offensive will only get you in trouble. So choose images wisely.

⁃    The Landing Page and Ad Should Be Congruent: When someone likes your Ad and clicks on it they end up on a landing page. The landing page is a critical opportunity to further encourage the prospect to buy from you by going in depth. Make sure the images and wording used fit with the Ad, they are congruent. Be Consistent. If you lead your prospective customer to a particular item, a digital course of study or a specific product like a white shirt or an electronic gadget, be sure that the item you promised is easy to find on the page they land on. If it takes them too long to find they will leave and you have lost that opportunity.

⁃    Use CTA’S: When the user clicks on your ad and ‘lands’ on your page, he should immediately perform the action desired without confusion or wasted time. Here your humble CTA (Call-To-Action) gains significance. Your CTA in your AD, like ‘take the survey and get this gift’ or ‘download your free eBook here’ should prompt them to take action. CTA’s help to improve conversions and reduce the cost of converting to a sale and therefore should not be under estimated.

⁃    Correct Ad Placement: The right place for your ad depends on your goal. If your goal is to engage and get sales and leads, your ad needs to be placed in Desktop Newsfeed as that will support longer copy.

However, if you want to re-target users who already know about you, then Desktop right column with smaller text and images will be both cheaper and more effective. If you want your product to be discovered as when it comes to mobile app installs, then Mobile Newsfeed is where you need to place the ad.

⁃    Test And Tweak: Even for an expert in FB Ads, it is critical to come up with three or four Ad designs for the same subject. Tweak the image and the copy text, then test several times. Mix and Match until you get a real winner in responses.

Pay attention to what is trending on social media, look at viral posts or best selling items to get ideas for your ad text, design and structure. Spy on Facebook, Shopify, Amazon and Ebay to see what is trending and create a database that gets updated regularly.

This information was inspired by Pat Flynn http://www.smartpassiveincome.com

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