240_f_103465577_kt2lsvimy6ddyap5epz4ufb53cdwlwulFruit And Gums Benefits

We all know the stories of English sailors of old suffering from the gun disease scurvy. Out to sea for long periods of time sailing the vast oceans of the world the deficiency of vitamin C caused bleeding and inflammation of the gums, even leading to tooth decay and loss. There are other factors to consider though in looking at the dietary needs to insure healthy gums…one notable is vitamin B12 which can be a topic for later posts.

Today, however, I wanted to speak anecdotally about my personal experience with my dentist a few years back. I had lost a tooth and decided to get the gap filled with an implant. Several months prior to this decision I had gotten into blending smoothies each morning in a big way. I would load up the bucket with everything imaginable, with whatever I decided to get at the co-op where I bought my fresh organic foods.

I would throw in vegetables and fruits in all kinds of combinations testing the taste and general appeal of my concoctions. Some turned out rather bitter and I noticed a tendency to go heavy on the fruit to offset that astringency. However, though fruits contain so-called “good” complex sugars, it is still sugar and something I wanted to limit for general health reasons to avoid the negative effects of sugar like inflammation and that wired feeling.

Eating too much sugar causes a barrage of symptoms known as “classic metabolic syndrome.” These include weight gain, abdominal obesity, decreased HDL and increased LDL, elevated blood sugar, elevated triglycerides, and high blood pressure. It increases your uric acid levels. Source: Mercola

Well it turns out I am in the chair and my dentist is working away at my new tooth implant and he turns to me and says, “Tom, what are you doing? Your gums are almost TOO healthy for me to work on this.” I had never been accused of having too healthy gums given always to easy bleeding during teeth cleanings. I could only assume the cause of this desirable effect was the increase in fruit in my smoothies every day.

In conclusion I would say daily intake of fruit, even in small amounts will do wonders for your gums!

As an aside, I found an excellent way to offset the bitterness of many vegetables in my smoothies was to add a small portion of pecans which allowed me to limit the fruits.

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