240_f_95573575_0jffqm0jbnkxiwzmu48bnschxt9pldocGOAL SETTING

Goals need to be challenging in order to change you, which is the intention if you think about it. An opportunity to learn and grow, to improve in some way.

If you set a goal and yet have a hard time attaining it despite giving it your best effort, then perhaps the problem is not the effort but rather the goal itself.

You may find yourself doing everything right and yet realizing the wrong results. You may have set a goal, broken it down into smaller goals, set them to a timeline for completion, gathered the resources to assure success, been motivated and worked hard only to fall short in some way. Or maybe you made no progress towards fulfilling the intentions of placing the goal before you. Maybe the goal was the wrong one to set before yourself in the first place.

The following are some ways you can be wrong in your goal setting:

1.  Setting impractical goals: Goals set when you feel good and in power, goals that are ambitious may in fact be unrealistic without much chance of success and may even do you harm when attempted. They may even set you back. Aim high but for a goal that is within reach.

240_f_91556333_sczlneqprqosncsv3cmrdc22eyhw6pfp2.  Trying to do too much:  When your goal’s focus is to broad nothing specific gets your attention. It becomes easy to move from one thing to the other without making progress. When too much is attempted the result can be not achieving anything.

3.  Too much credence given to what others think: A more powerful and authentic approach is to base your goals on your own heart, thoughts and intentions, rather than worrying about pleasing others or trying to gain their approval. It becomes very difficult to concentrate on your goals when you don’t really feel like they are yours.

4.  Don’t underestimate timelines: Your goals should be structured within a timeline so you can hold yourself accountable. When you don’t give yourself enough time to accomplish things you need to get done you will fall short of success. Don’t become discouraged and give up due to timeline miscalculations. Be open to making adjustments to your timetable when you find you did not make proper estimates.

5.  Learn to appreciate failure: Worthy goals have an element of possible failure. Wisdom can be gained from falling short of an effort…the gift is to learn and grow stronger from picking yourself up after a failure and going on. It helps to envision yourself falling forward in the midst of your failure. It becomes a perception of moving forward in your understanding and experience and abilities. You learn next time to begin more intelligently and you realize it was an event that happened and not what you identify with. Your failure does not become who you are.

6.  Learn to “Build-In” review and assessment: Schedule times to check-in with your progress, to review and assess what you are intending to achieve. Your progress is never going to be what you originally intend or want it to be for a worthy challenge has the element of becoming bigger than what it appeared as at the onset. Regular review is critical to the process of continually working towards goals.

7.  Negative attitudes are deadly: Negativity can greatly interfere with achievement and it can also sway you from setting positive goals. A bad attitude is a disability that sabotages your efforts at every step. Do not fall into habits of complaint or beliefs that you cannot accomplish.

8.  Do not set too many goals at once: Multiple goals can water down your best efforts and lead you into a malaise of accomplishing next to nothing. Like with setting too wide of goals, you find it hard to focus in and achieve. It becomes easy to spend energy on whatever is in front of you which leads to never getting anything done. Set solid, attainable goals, take the measured steps toward fulfilling them while giving yourself room to play and improvise and you will find yourself humming along and getting things done.

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