240_f_100165458_uizl6g1waimswzu3gzg5xkcocnv8frapSpiritual Health:
Balance in all things. That is the key.

We are speaking of change so I will speak of a way to approach change which is like the ‘life in spirit’ but without direct reference to anything “Spiritual.”  …  A life lived with authenticity, integrity and focused purpose.

Our lives are our own creation but the trials and breeding in early life may make it quite difficult to discover our true path. Life is hard. But the truth of who we are and what path we are to follow is always in front of us. We have but to see, hear and listen for it.

If you are reading this then you likely have already discovered the need to leave your past behind and refine your journey towards one of proper intention.

We can change our direction any time we want. As adults we make our own way in life. Overcoming the patterns of thought programmed into us takes an intentional choice to break free from, and a true desire to discover, nurture and grow that seed that was more than likely crushed from doctrines imposed from family and society. It is a step we have to muster the courage to take. For some it can involve great pain, especially if you have family ties deeply woven into your daily life.

Every person’s path of discovery is unique. But there are common things we can learn and do that apply to every journey regardless of differences.

You may have heard “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” or “you eat an elephant one bite at a time.” The analogy I am meaning to express is that the journey to great change in life begins with baby steps; small definite actions and choices that you can implement right now no matter what your circumstance. It may seem small, but the first step in change always is.

Do what you can where your shoes are right now. Get inspired to action. Just making the choice of wanting to change your situation, and recognizing a possible direction to take, and expanding that into more ideas of how to make changes…these are all baby steps that build one on the other. And you didn’t even have to move a muscle to take several steps in determining your new life!

You will take missteps, things which you may regard as mistakes…no worries, just drop those and make course corrections. You can do that you know, you can make any choice, any change you want. We create momentum through actions that build on each other.

Thought precedes all things and it is of value to learn to take charge of your thoughts. We are groomed in life to run a string of thoughts given to us from outside, telling us what to value, how to act etc. This must be examined and fine tuned to suit our growth. To let the negative and destructive routines fall away and promote those thoughts and attitudes that are life affirming.

You are not your thoughts. You are the consciousness behind your thoughts. To identify yourself with the thoughts you have is a narrow representation of your whole self. Discard that notion and expand into your full being. One with the freedom and power to choose what you think and not act by what may have been cleverly programmed of even beaten into you.

Then nurture the thoughts that will bring you success, joy, fulfillment, creativity, all things positive and beneficial while dropping those thoughts that produce the negative, harmful, limiting viewpoints. There are many forms of meditation you may investigate that can help you to explore and choose your thoughts. Get involved in your own health; mental, physical and emotional. Take action!

Write down your goals and have them before you, in sight at a moments glance. Identify the thoughts you want to keep. You may even keep a journal of positive thoughts you want to enhance. See yourself operating from your new thought paradigm. Delete the thoughts that block creation from coming to you. DELETE THE MENTAL BLOCKS.

As you begin to design, to create your life more proactively, set intentions before everything. Make it a point to be aware of examining the thoughts you have at the start of any action. Consider what you want the outcome to be.

For instance, if you are going to the store for your dinner groceries, sit a moment before heading out and think of what your body wants, see yourself selecting just the right ingredients, making your food choices in the store before you even head out. Don’t fall into the habit of just going to get something to eat. Make it a conscious choice…which can be changed once you are there in your process.

Set your intentions for what you want to experience from your perspective. Visualize what you want and state it or write it down. Become your own best friend as you participate fully in your life and your choices.

Become YOU! Identify what is important to you and imagine your dreams. Be playful; all of life should be playful. Seek out people you can share this positive approach with, people on a path of growth, health and wellness and positive change in their lives. This can become your support to provide you with accountability. Share life with like-minded people who can enhance your life’s expansion. We need help to take ourselves out of past environmental influence.

As you become more you, recognize we are spiritual beings in physical state. Learn to no longer act by rote but by choice. To support positive directions and choices make gratitude a touchstone you go to at any time you feel indecisive or uncertain. Look to the immediate for something, anything you can be grateful for and spend a moment considering what it is about the thing you choose that gives it value.

For example, pick up a pencil and look at, truly consider its value. Feel it in your hand, smell it to know it better. Consider what it can do…it can write down any thought you have. The eraser can remove any thought you don’t want to keep. You can even write the Great American Novel with it! How cool is that?

Make time for silence daily in your life. Make yourself available for inspiration. Then hour by hour during your day check in with your thoughts, actions and intentions and make course corrections. Make conscious and aware recognition of how you are designing your life. Resist autopilot operation of going through your day mechanically. Make each moment rich and colorful.

Be of service. Grow your heart in compassion for the struggles of those around you. You don’t have to bleed for anyone, that is not helpful. Just see, take the time to see others and offer a smile or even a hidden kind thought that you may be surprised will have an unbeknownst effect on them.

Tune into your body, feel its vibration. Feel the vibration and the color of your thoughts and feelings. Recognize the subtleties of the life around you. Feel when a positive event occurs how the energy, the vibration increases. Notice a smile or nod of acknowledgement one person gives to another while waiting in line for coffee, how it sends a gusher of enthusiasm and may even create a lively conversation. Be aware in the moment of life’s vibration all around you.

Notice when you slip into negativity and make the choice to exit that lowered vibration. A nasty comment you may hear, a scowl or a rude gesture…drop it and don’t fall into agreement with it. It serves nothing good and do not get embroiled in a pointless argument. Make the choice not to be owned by the negative intentions of those unconscious that you encounter. Simply see them for what they are exhibiting and don’t fall into a destructive influence.

As you grow in this greater approach to life begin to identify your passions, for they will lead you in your life choices and successes. Will lead you to the realization of what fulfills you. Passion in life and in what you choose to do is the fire in your soul. Follow your passion and all things will fall into place. Passion sustains a happy vibration.

In closing try an exercise, a challenge to yourself not to make a complaint for 30 days. Notice when you begin to complain about something take a look at it and make a move to turn that complaint around. State what would remove that complaint. How would you have it be different. What would be the ideal to have or experience which would be different from what you are finding fault with. Become the alchemist in every aspect of your life, converting what is seemingly dead and unloved to the higher vibration of that which is valued and treasured.

We then connect to Source.

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