240_f_83396811_d1u6umgtbtfk3m9svpkpkxbq8x2wepfhCreativity is an essential part of good health; to be expressive of the inner life. The learning and practice of a craft whether it be dance or music, art or writing, any form that demonstrates an examination of the inner life is what elevates us beyond the mundane existence of the flesh. It makes us more rounded emotionally, more compassionate, more complete as people better able to share and give more of ourselves. The quiet time devoted to our craft percolates understanding of the incomprehensible questions we have while in flesh.

240_f_122684059_fmy0j4jv42samsauyeuwsryr22jr0glwWhatever medium we may choose, given time devoted to its practice enables us to share with others what we create that sparks in them the wonders of life. No life is complete without a well rounded sharing and experience with our fellows. Sharing our creative pursuits breaks down the barriers of mistrust and isolation.

240_f_68067837_kwrvebymyqx79zofx37ksjbbhqemhiqsImagine two scientists from countries with opposing governments sharing the discovery of a new formula which each, without the others input, is stymied unable to reach a conclusion. It is exhilarating to bring to bear ones knowledge and experience and share that with another in a joint effort to reach an understanding that has never been reached before. The divisions of nationality and race fall away in the joy of such discovery. This is LIFE!

Athletics is a high degree of creativity coupled with the discipline to excel beyond what we think we can do. There are all manner of creative forms which bear the fruit of a life lived as greater than the mundane.

240_f_108365129_fmwaooxaxpsgtb4dfa4ff8tepkakcuw7So find a thing to do which captures your passion. Feel the glory of an obsession with something that stirs great feeling within your heart, within your soul and you shall look back on many hours of devotion to this craft with a feeling of contentment that you did something of value.

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