I must admit I have had some conflict about the focus or niche of my blog, and a question as well about going into unrelated topics and how to separate them out if I do. I am not an ardent blog reader so I have not had a lot of experience about how that is generally done.

The p2s training, I am sure, will reveal much of that to me. For now though I guess I will go with what I know. I did want to stray to other areas though! So Health and Wellness is it for now…and certainly a bottomless pit of topics for who alive does not have some kind of health challenge?

Let’s start with the concept of “movement.” I have found that is the most important thing to do almost constantly. The frozen shoulders and aching backs that come from repetitive motions and sitting in one spot for hours on a daily basis is one of the biggest health hazards we face in modern life.

Health professionals will tell us, “get up and walk around every hour,” but that is not really much help. The number one activity ALL people have to get started with…is walking. And I mean at a good pace, for two or three miles to get a good exchange of air in your breathing and get the blood pumping.

So there you see, I just created the Headline I am going to post, and follow through with a 7 day plan to get you up and moving while including tidbits of relevant information in each daily post.

Walking For Health” by Elisa Howard is a good introductory publication that can be picked up through Amazon Books.



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